CKR Law Group, P.C.’s unique position as a long-established niche practice provides significant benefits to its clients. We proactively engage county assessors and Department of Revenue staff to explore whether a stipulation of value can be reached. In doing so, we have built a reputation with counties across Oregon that a dispute will be pursued to a fair resolution, be that through settlement or trial, giving our cases the gravitas required for superior settlement negotiations.

In addition to relationships with counties, CKR Law Group, P.C. has built a network of real estate professionals, including MAI appraisers, to assist us with our cases on an as-needed basis and provide clients the very best in representation.

At CKR Law Group, P.C., most of our engagements are based upon a contingency fee. No savings, no legal fees. Consider taking advantage of our experience and excellent success rate without the burden and risk of upfront costs.