Alex C. Robinson

Attorney Alex C. Robinson

Alex Robinson is an energetic young Oregon licensed attorney who has built an extensive understanding of the Oregon property tax system.

Alex worked closely with his father, Chris Robinson, in a variety of office administration and real estate valuation capacities prior to joining CKR Law Group, P.C. This early immersion in the extremely specialized world of property tax consulting and litigation allowed Alex to build a wealth of experience.

Alex can explain the inner workings of the Oregon property tax system to clients who are new to the appeal process. He enjoys working directly with brokers, property owners, building managers, and tenants to provide a holistic perspective and is subsequently adept at facilitating negotiations with county and state agencies.

Alex received his doctorate of jurisprudence from the University of San Francisco. While in law school, Alex's primary focus was tax law, with a secondary focus in negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Whether he’s providing an estimate of a future development's tax burden, filing and ensuring qualification for an exemption program, or appealing values on behalf of his clients, Alex brings an enthusiastic and professional approach to every situation.